23 April 2011

REVIEW: Samurai Warriors:Chronicles (3DS)

Heroes Rise

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles is somewhat based on the actual history of Japan during the Sengoku Period. Chronicles's period ranges from the mid-1500's to early 1600 of Japan. It may be straight to Japan's history but the heroes in this game can wield enormous axes, do some crazy stunts and can call the aid of elements such as wind and fire. These added supernatural events gave life to the game itself. As you progress through the game, you will be imparted with the history of Japan.

About You

You start the quest by choosing among the two predefined characters, a boy and a girl. At first you won't be able to change your appearance, but later in the game as you progress through the story, you will unlock equipments for your character. Not only the clothing by the way, also the weapon you can use. Weapons can be unlocked if you befriend a hero. Heroes change their feeling towards you, Neutral-Good-Strong.


The control scheme of Chronicles is nice. You control the character's movement with the Circle Pad or the D-Pad. Build combos with the Y-button for normal attacks, X-button for power attacks, A-button for the Musuo attack (which looks great in 3D by the way) and the B-button for jumping and mounting horses. The shoulder buttons are used for blocking and special skills.

Hard Yeah!
Title Screen

The touch screen is rather helpful. You can easily switch to a hero with just touching their icons. I love this feature because it really is easy to navigate between you and your troops. The lower portion of the screen also acts as the map. Good for planning strategies to your rivals. 


Graphically, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles is not one of the best looking 3DS game out there during in-games. Some stages offer gorgeous visuals but some are presented bland. The character designs are great though especially before and after each missions where you can see them on there close-ups. Each hero looks really good, with their own personal touch.  The 3D effect is used very well, adding depth to the surroundings. During mission briefings, the 3D effect is clearly visible. It is really pleasing to the eyes.

Good to Hear

This game has a Japanese-only dubbing, which is good for me since this game is from a Japanese perspective. Character voice overs are top-notch giving each hero a personality different from another. It adds feelings to the dramatic scenes of the game. 

StreetPass and SpotPass

StreetPass lets you battle other players with whom you encountered. In SpotPass additional missions are downloaded to your 3DS. It has been available in Japan but outside Japan it is not - yet. 
Lord Oda
Play Coins

Play Coins are used to exchange in-game golds. 1 Play Coin equals to 100 Gold. These golds are used for upgrading weapons and purchasing mounts.


Samurai Warrior: Chronicles is a solid hack and slash game. At first I was hesitant to buy and play this game but with hours of gameplay, I got hooked to it until I've beaten it. It is true that most missions are long but with the Interim Save, you can take breaks and continue your journey to the feudal Japan. Some people might get bored really fast if they play it in Easy, but the challenge rise in Hard. There are tons of unlockable weapons and horses.  One of the best portable Warriors game. If you are in to the history of  Japan during Sengoku Period and a solid hack and slash game, I recommend this. I enjoyed it and didn't got bored. 

+ Good storyline
+ Great use of 3D
+ Character design
+ Dramatic BGM
+ Great voice-overs
+ Controls

- Mediocre visuals
- Characters not fully customizable
- No online play

Verdict: 3.25/5 Play Coins

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