27 April 2011

REVIEW: Ridge Racer 3D (3DS)

3.. 2.. 1.. Go!

There is no storyline, this game is pure racing madness. You race your way to victory on Grand Prix mode and qualify for the next race. Actually I was a doubtful at first before buying this game, I was thinking is it really worth the bucks? Is it good? Is it lengthy? The answer is it is worth it, it is not good but great, and it sure is lengthy. The Grand Prix mode is lengthy. After tier-by-tier of racing in the cool designed tracks, I was left playing it for over 13+ hours of gameplay now and there's still lots of race that I need to drive. 


Here is an update to the PSN outage. Sony believes that maybe the million subscribers of PSN's username and password are being compromised. This is a sad and scary news indeed.

26 April 2011

RANT: Japan is Cool! (3DS)

I really want to be in Japan, dang it! This is a cool-looking 3DS, thanks to Deza Egg.

Deza Egg is a well-known game hardware customizer in Japan. They can customize your 3DS with their 60 available colors. The price differ from the color you choose. The price starts at ¥19,980. You can either send them your 3DS or if you haven't bought one yet, you can buy from them and they will already paint it for ¥44,980. 

Hmmm.. I am thinking of customizing mine. If only I can travel to Japan. :(

via kotaku


List of upcoming movies in the Metro. Via clickthecity
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