20 April 2011

NEWS: Square-Enix Development Team Influenced by the Internet (GAMES)

The game company behind the Final Fantasy series have problems in regards to developing a game at this time. Tokita mentioned about their team's creativity is lacking due to the news and comments they've received over the internet. Here is his comment: 

"Right now, we're thinking about it in a way-too complex way. It used to be that our creativity could run free because we didn't worry about the end result. We could just be original and creative, and whatever came of it was original and creative. Now, we're becoming too concerned about marketing and all these other aspects, and that's limiting us right now. There's this saying that essentially means that 'you're crossing the bridge and checking every stone while you're crossing it' -- that's how I feel development is right now. Right now, we're so influenced by everyone's opinions, and the internet, and everything you hear, and what everyone else is making. I actually think it would be better if we would shut all of that out and just made what we want to make. That would create something that would be more original. I feel like creating things without getting too hung up on little details, and paying more attention to the importance to the concept itself, is the way to move forward." - Takashi Tokita, Square-Enix

It is true, taking so many comments from outside sources can make the development confusing and will lead them out to there original ideas. Square-Enix, just continue producing quality games and I will still be in your wagon. Kingdom Hearts: Dream, Drop, Distance Yeah baby!

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