29 March 2011

RANT: 3DS is Officially Here! (3DS)

At long last! The Nintendo 3DS hits our shores. It has been delayed for 2 days. Argh! It is already available in the Metro. I'll just think it thoroughly if I will go down there, because I am currently here in Baguio City. 3DS here I come!

Price is at P13,500 (Datablitz)
                P13,990 (gameonegadget)

Source: gameonegadget


  1. haha finally. any news on how much the games cost here? I'd say wait till your branch gets em. better than going through all the effort just for a system that barely has any games.

  2. I went there this evening at Datablitz Baguio, They said the delivery will come tomorrow afternoon (fingers crossed). The games cost about P1800 something. Anyway, will you get one?

  3. Good things come to those who wait. You can have one bro. Don't worry! =)

  4. I sure hope so.. T_T kating kati na kamay ko hahahah