29 March 2011

NEWS: Pokemon Black/White Ranked 1st Worldwide (NDS)

The Ying
The Yang

The latest addition to the Pokemon series garnered a whooping 954,837 sales worldwide as of March 19,2011. It has a total of 9,232,203 sales since it has been released in Japan in September 18, 2010 . 

The stars of the game

This showcases the 5th generations of Pokemon. It is also the first in the series to have animated sprites during battles, triple battle and rotation battle. The 3D backgrounds adds another touch to the popularity of the series.

    Here is the list:

    Worldwide Top 10 19th March 2011

    1DSPokémon Black / White Version954,837
    4WiiWii Sports143,636
    5PS3Killzone 3141,206
    6X360Dragon Age II128,897
    7PCShogun 2: Total War118,108
    8WiiJust Dance 2110,665
    9WiiWii Sports Resort105,433
    10X360Kinect Adventures!92,873

    Source: vgchartz


    1. Talo pa ang sales ng iba ah. Nice info! Keep it up! =)

    2. wow, homefront is number 2 and 3? all i heard was people bitching about that game

      nice, i think the new pokemon well deserves the number 1 spot. I just reached the city and hot damn those dynamic camera angles are sexy

    3. you are right, I just did a review for that game. if you have the time see and comment on it. thanks dude. :D