29 April 2011


The Mighty Thor!

At first I was hesitant to watch this because of what I see in the trailers. The trailer looked dull. It did not showcase the movie's greatness. Not a little bit. To my amazement, it is one of those movies that I would like to watch all over again. Asians are one of the first to witness this must watch movie. April 29th is its release here. Other territories on the 6th of May.

This is one of the best comics turned to movie adaptation. Kenneth Branagh gave an unforgettable superhero flick, surpassing even Ironman and the X-Men. The direction is top-notch, the casts delivered well, the sound is well arranged and the presentation is over the top. If Lord of the Rings and any modern day comedy-love story were to be married and have a child, this movie is it. Thor is a mixture of an action, sci-fi, fantasy with a dash of comedy movie. Adults and children can both enjoy this movie.

When did you last see a mythology movie and real life movie mixed together? It is somewhat refreshing to today's movie line-ups. The story is simple yet effective. Asgard is ruled by the fearsome but kind-hearted Odin (Anthony Hopkins). He fought many battles with the Bifrost race and became victorious. He have two sons, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddlestone). One is destined to be king and the other, not. With that situation, jealousy and anger came to place. Natalie Portman's character, Jane Foster, is the love interest of the God of Thunder. Simple, right? The direction of the movie pulled it. Fandral, Sif, Volstagg and Hogun are also here.

The actors and actresses delivered well. Hemsworth nailed it, being the arrogant, proud and hot headed Thor. Hiddlestone played Loki's part magnificently, you can really feel his emotion to his family.  Portman did a great job too, playing Thor's love interest. Other supporting characters played their part well also.

 For the production team, kudos for a job well done. Their Asgard representation is undeniably amazing. It's as if it was not taken from a mythology book because feels like it was real. The costumes are appealing, they don't look corny for a hero movie. The graphical presentation during fight scenes are also worth noticing, it is astounding.

To the Marvel fanatics, S.H.I.E.L.D does not may a cameo in this one because they did not just made a cameo but they are part of the movie. Just like any Marvel movies, Stan Lee is here. The cameo appearance I am referring to is another superhero in the Marvel universe. Hawkeye, yes he is here. His appearance is kinda short, but sweet. I know you Marvel fanboys and fangirls already know this, don't leave the cinema not unless you saw the "preview" when the credits finished rolling. Its like the easter egg of Marvel movies.

I recommend watching this movie. It's refreshing, it's cool, and it's epic! Watching it in 3D heightens the amount of awesomeness this movie offers. I didn't got bored, because it has funny moments. The trailer did not gave it justice. The movie is not perfect but it really enjoyable. A must watch movie of the year. 

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  1. "If Lord of the Rings and any modern day comedy-love story were to be married and have a child, this movie is it".. FTW, bro!

    I haven't watched the movie yet. Seen the trailer and I really want to see it. Loved Norse Myth and Thor's included in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 shouting Mighty Tornado! Hahaha.

    With your review, I may watch this perhaps next week. My curiosity with the movie jumped gigantically. =)