19 April 2011

REVIEW: Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition (3DS)

This is Super - thanks for asking!

This port is actually the best I've played on a handheld console. All features from it's HD console counterparts are present. Arcade, Versus, Internet Play, Challenge and all other things are included. All 35 characters are there too, with there alternate costumes. The graphics on the 3DS version is somewhat at par with those on the HD. The cinematics are also crammed here. The background of the stages, though static and feels flat, is not that bad. Trophies are replaced with Medals, collecting all of it is very hard but once you received your first medal it is actually satisfying.
Yes, I have the special edition case

With all the listed things above, the 3DS version of Super Street Fighter have other exclusive features designed only for the 3DS.

Gotta Collect 'Em All

Figure Collection is a nice added touch for this game. Collecting figures is such an addiction. There are 500 figures to collect and play with against other people with the use of Streetpass. You can arrange your team any way you want, in order to win Streetpass duels. Figures are acquired when you battle in the arcade or with the use of Play Coins.
Figure Collection menu
StreetPass duel

Between Head and Shoulders

Another feature of this 3D edition is the Dynamic View. It looks really great in 3D. It is in the over-the-shoulder view. The depth of the game dramatically changes with this game. You can easily measure the distance of the projectiles. The only problem is that when using melee-only characters like Zangief, it is hard to establish a contact with the enemy. Nevertheless, this is one cool feature Capcom added for us gamers to enjoy.   
Sweet addition

Control Me

The controls are much like the ones on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The use of the face buttons: A, B, X and Y as well as the L and R buttons are the same. An add-on to the 3DS version is the touch screen controls. It is customizable. In Lite Mode, it can be mapped to Ultra Combos, Super Combos and other Super attacks. In Pro Mode, It can be used as the 3 kicks or 3 punches.
Let's take this outside!

Sure You Can!! - Play Online! 

Internet Play is available. It is flawless. In my playthrough using wireless internet play, I have not experienced issues using it. Although there are few laggy moments. Actually it depends on your and your foe's internet connection. Connecting to a server is a breeze. Easy connection to the internet is one of the feature of the 3DS that I really love.
Such a breeze

SpotPass and StreetPass

Super Street Fighter 3D Edition uses SpotPass to give messages and passwords to be able to unlock ultra rare figures in the game. Streetpass is also used. In StreetPass, players engage to a duel with their collected figures. These two 3DS-exclusives are used pretty well and are actually cool. 

Play Coins

Play Coins are used to exchange points for collecting figures to be used in the StreetPass duels.
Figure Slots


Super Street Fighter 3D Edition takes fighting to the next level. It is fully equipped with features that are present on the HD counterparts. Playing with people local and wireless is such a nice feeling, when connecting to fight is not a hassle. StreetPass, SpotPass, Play Coins and 3D are used very well. If you are up to fighting games, a Street Fighter fanatic and is looking for a game that uses the 3DS features to its full potential, then this game is for you.

+ True to its HD counterparts
+ Easy online connectivity
+ Fully packed with extra features
+ Great graphics
+ StreetPass support
+ SpotPass support
+ Play Coins support

- Static stage backgrounds
Verdict: 4.75/5 Play Coins

*Acknowledgement to my best friend for giving me his copy of the Special Edition case. 

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