26 April 2011

RANT: Japan is Cool! (3DS)

I really want to be in Japan, dang it! This is a cool-looking 3DS, thanks to Deza Egg.

Deza Egg is a well-known game hardware customizer in Japan. They can customize your 3DS with their 60 available colors. The price differ from the color you choose. The price starts at ¥19,980. You can either send them your 3DS or if you haven't bought one yet, you can buy from them and they will already paint it for ¥44,980. 

Hmmm.. I am thinking of customizing mine. If only I can travel to Japan. :(

via kotaku


  1. Waaaa. Masyado na maluho bro. Take it easy. =)

  2. Hahaha.. Hobby kasi eh. Yan mahirap pag addict. LOL