27 March 2011

RANT: Philippines is delayed... AGAIN! (3DS)

The horror!

I was waiting patiently for the launch date to arrive for Nintendo's latest handheld console, the 3DS. I am one of the many fans that have counted the days with Planet 3DS' countdown. Every now and then since its breaking revelation, I am praying that this time around the Philippines can get synchronized with the release of the gaming machine. But to no luck, it failed.

It should have been released yesterday (27th of March). I was pumped up to go to the mall as early as its opening, but  I went back home empty-handed and very much disappointed. I tried calling every branch of Datablitz (one of the known seller of original games, gadgets and consoles here in the Philippines aside form Toy Kingdom and Toys R' Us), and most of the store clerk for each branch said that it should have been released on the same day North America got theirs.

For those that are not familiar with the Nintendo 3DS. Here is a quick look at the system:

Nintendo 3DS = Nerdgasm... sort of.

Nintendo 3DS  Dimensions

Height: 2.9 inches
Width: 5.3 inches
Depth: 0.8 inches
Weight: 8 ounces

Nintendo 3DS Specifications

  • Upper screen: Wide-screen LCD display, enabling 3D view without the need for special glasses. Capable of displaying approximately 16.77 million colors. 3.53 inches display (3.02 inches wide, 1.81 inches high) with 800 x 240 pixel resolution. 400 pixels are allocated to each eye to enable 3D viewing.
  • Lower screen: LCD with a touch screen capable of displaying 16.77 million colors. 3.02 inches (2.42 inches wide, 1.81 inches high) with 320 x 240 pixel resolution.
  • One inner camera and two outer cameras. Resolutions are 640 x 480 for each camera. Lens are single focus and uses the CMOS capture element. The active pixel count is approximately 300,000 pixels.
  • Wireless: 2.4 GHz. Enabling local wireless communication among multiple Nintendo 3DS systems for game play and StreetPass. Enabling access to the Internet through wireless LAN access points (supports IEEE802.11 b/g with the WPA/WPA2 security feature).
  • Motion sensor and Gyro sensor.
  • Game Card slot, SD Card slot, Audio jack (stereo output).
  • Battery lasts about 3-5 hours when playing Nintendo 3DS software, and 5-8 hours when playing Nintendo DS software.
  •  3.5mm stereo headphone minijack, speakers, microphone
  •  2GB SD card included

How Much?
UK - £200 
US - $249.99
Philippines - P12000 (approx.)
Up until now, I am waiting to get my hands on one of these gaming beast. I wish that it doesn't take too long to arrive though. :(


  1. It is only natural for us gamers to expect something like this. Kahit naman ako bro. Hinihintay ko din ito. Hahaha. Ang dami niyo namo-mroblema pagdating sa release dates. The fact that we're not sync with overseas releases is a huge disappointment to us. Nagtanong din kami nyan ni Mik sa MOA kahapon, wala pa din daw.

    Wait muna tayo. Cheers!

    Nice! May blog na siya! =)

  2. LOL. But not all games are delayed. Gaya ng Killzone 3, Fight Night Champions etc. Maybe there are stock problems. 3DS games are already out though. The console is the only problem.