28 March 2011

NEWS: Capcom & Namco Bandai Supports 'Quake Victims (Game)

We all know what happened to Japan last March 11th. The calamity that raised bars of emergencies to extreme. Can you survive an intensity 9.0 earthquake accompanied with a whirlpool and tsunami higher than an average house?  

With these wallpapers, Capcom (the producer of the smash hit Street Fighter series) and Namco Bandai (for the Tekken series that is also well known overseas) can make a difference. These wallpaper are made  for cheering earthquake victims to keep on surviving and keep holding on.

"we hope to deliver something to cheer Japan from now on!" - Capcom

Street Fighter with Heihachi Mishima
Street Fighter 4 Cast

Every little thing counts. Do your share. Join the cause.  Download your wallpapers here

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