30 March 2011

TRAILER: 3DS Commercials and Latest Game Trailers (3DS)

Sorry Sony fan boys and girls, there are yet no game trailers for you. But I promise to keep you posted if there are news about the NGP and what-not. Right now sit back and enjoy these awesomeness.

The best commercial for a console that I've seen so far:

Here is the latest commercial of Nintendo 3DS:

Now for some game trailers and commercials:

Street Fighter 4 3D Edition is a must buy for me and this commercial wants me to buy it even more:

Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D character reveal: Wesker and Jill. Nice graphics we got here:

I'll keep this blog updated for more game trailers, footages and commercials once it hits the web.


  1. Galing naman ng 3DS. Okay si Wesker. Hahah!

  2. Hehe. kaya nga eh. Pati sa MVC3. Cool!! Mamaya baka meron na daw 3DS dito sa Baguio. NICE!

  3. Ayos bro! Magkakaroon din naman agad dyan syempre. Tourist spot kasi yan. Di katulad sa lucena. Baka sa pasko pa. hahaha!

  4. hahaha wag naman ganun. loko ka hahahah